onsdag 28 februari 2018

Limited Run Games knows a bestseller when they see one

Super Hydorah is getting a physical release from Limited Run Games on March 9th.

Delta Lance HQ, Barcelona – Feb 27, 2018 – Equip your ship and prepare to take off! Abylight Studios and Limited Run Games have teamed up to launch a physical edition on the PlayStation 4 of Super Hydorah, the challenging nonlinear shoot ‘em up designed by Locomalito & Gryzor87!
Beware pilot, this time there is no reservations and the rules are set by Limited Run. All the pilots who want to own their physical copy of Super Hydorah, the game that sublimates the richness and fast-paced action of traditional shmup classics, there will be 2 purchase options:
The Collector’s Edition:
  • Priced at 39.99$, limited to 3.000 units
  • A physical copy of the game for PS4 (region free)
  • A full color instruction booklet
  • A CD dedicated by Gryzor87 with the OST
  • An awesome poster inspired in the cover art
  • An amazing collector’s box inspired in SNES style
The Standard Edition:
  • Priced at 24.99$, limited to 1.000 units
  • A physical copy of the game (region free)
  • A full color instruction booklet
The game will be available in two batches: first, 70% of the inventory at 10 AM (EST) and then the rest at 6PM (EST) on March 9th.

torsdag 22 februari 2018

Aqua Kitty review, for Switch!

In what amounts to another great episode of that-flew-right-under-my-radar, Aqua Kitty - available on just about every platform under the sun, was released on February 15th on the Nintendo Switch as Aqua Kitty UDX and features a couple of enhancements that arguably makes the game definitive.

If this game has escaped your attention completely, it's a cute variation on the old Defender style of games.

But don't take my word for it:

Defenders of Ekron getting all physical on PS4

Play-Asia has revealed that their next limited physical release will be Defender of Ekron for PlayStation 4. It will go on sale on March 8th and 1500 copies will be available so if you want one, better start pressing those reload buttons as we approach the date.

tisdag 20 februari 2018

Kyogeki Quartet Fighters announced for Switch

According to Nintendo Everything, Kyogeki Quartet Fighters, a retro shoot'em'up, will be hitting the japanese Nintendo eShop for Switch on February 22nd at 1389 Yen. The Switch is region-free so feel free to create an account in the japanese eShop and download!

fredag 16 februari 2018

Steredenn for Switch announced

Steredenn: Binary Stars has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, to be released on March 8th.

If you really haven't caught on yet; Nintendo Switch is the new shmup console of choice.

tisdag 13 februari 2018

lördag 10 februari 2018

Rumour: NG:DEV.TEAM porting their library to Nintendo Switch

NG:DEV.TEAM, makers of fine shmups and run'n'gun games are rumoured to be in the process of porting their library to the Nintendo Switch, starting with Gunlord.

If this turns out to be true we are in for a treat.

fredag 9 februari 2018

Sengoku Ace for Switch: Feb. 15th

German games news site ntower lists a Feb. 15th date for Sengoku Ace to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Fingers crossed and all that.

Zero Gunner 2 review for Nintendo Switch revisited

Bullet Heaven has an updated review of Zero Gunner 2 for Nintendo Switch now that the patch has arrived:

Gunbird is back (in the US eShop)

The port of Gunbird disappeared mysteriously from the US Nintendo Switch eShop shortly after launch. It was still available in all other territories.

Well, fear not, Gunbird is once again available to US shmup enthusiasts!

And, no, there has been no official explanation for this mysterious episode.

torsdag 8 februari 2018

Terra Feminarum release trailer... released!

Finnish bullet hell shooter Terra Feminarum just had a new demo released (version 0.2) and got a release date trailer. The date is February 28th, Kalevala day!

onsdag 7 februari 2018

Zerodiv strikes again: Sengoku Ace for Switch!

Zerodiv continues to dig through Psikyos back catalogue and has announced that next up to see a Nintendo Switch release is Sengoku Ace (Samurai Aces in the western lands).

tisdag 6 februari 2018

Heavy Metal!

Heavy Metal covers, that is, of some classic shmup tunes.

Listen to "For great justice" from Megadriver.

For the record...

The Switch port of Zero Gunner 2 has had that update released that everyone was anticipating:
New update for Zerodiv's "Zero Gunner 2-" Switch port: - Added key config - New option to enable/disable vibration - New turning speed to match arcade ver - New bullet visibility - Fixed unwarranted score inflation - Fixed invisible bullets post-continues