tisdag 30 januari 2018

Pawarumi is releasing today !

I was a backer of the Kickstarter so here's the update:
Posted by Manufacture43 (Creator)
And we want to say thank you! To all of you.
Developing Pawarumi was a long and hard journey that we probably couldn't have reached without your support. Yes, the financial aspect of Pawarumi’s Kickstarter helped us push the universe of the game further. But YOU, as a community and as individuals, helped us make a better game. Thanks to you, the gameplay became smoother, visuals became prettier and the overall game quality reached a point that truly honors all the games we are inspired from.
Today we’re really proud of our game. Pawarumi truly is an unique experience, and we really hope that it will find its public.  And once again we are going to ask for your help. We need you to share the news of Pawarumi’s release as much as possible on gaming sites, facebook groups, forums and subreddits. As you probably know, getting visibility for an indie game is hard and every single share, like and upvote is going to help us a lot !
Here is the trailer for your sharing madness !
On another topic ! Thanks to the amazing work of Gregory Desmurs and our partner G4F the soundtrack of the game is going to be available on Youtube and Bandcamp ! 

We'll make an other update soon about the Xbox port status !


Manufacture 43 

Blasters of the Universe coming to PS VR

Blasters of the universe, a first-person bullet-hell game, is coming to PlayStation VR on February 27th.

lördag 27 januari 2018

torsdag 25 januari 2018

Nintendo Switch wins

Zero Gunner 2, Strikers 1945 II and twin-stick shooting new-comer Tachyon Project all launched on the (European) Nintendo Switch eShop today.

I'd say that makes this a really good day!

onsdag 24 januari 2018

Pawarumi launches January 30th

Pawarumi has been available on Steam for some time already as an early access title but is launching for real on January 30th. This is a great-looking bullet hell shooter that you should absolutely give a try.

Finnish Danmaku shooter Terra Feminarum demo available

Terra Feminarum is a Finnish mythology themed Japanese style danmaku shoot ’em up. The characters and the story are based on Finnish mythology. The Gameplay and the art style are both highly inspired by Japanese danmaku shooters.

Crimson Clover: World Ignition on sale

Crimson Clover: World Ignition is available at The Humble Store for a mere €1.99.

This is a steal, get it now, the sale ends in a day!

onsdag 17 januari 2018

Big Psikyo news for Nintendo Switch!

Zero Gunner 2 was released on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan today!

And the good news kept on coming as Zerodiv announced that they are bringing Striker 1945 II to Switch as well! Strikers 1945 is on Switch already of course so it's nice to see the sequel secured too.

lördag 13 januari 2018

Space Invaders Extreme goes Steam

The 40th anniversary celebration of Space Invaders is kicking off.

Steam page is up and there's a teaser trailer:

lördag 6 januari 2018

Sky Force Anniversary goes physical on PS4 / PS Vita

Limited Run Games announced that Sky Force Anniversary will get a physical release on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (who knew the Vita still had life left in it?) on January 26th.

Keep your reload buttons at the ready as the date approaches.

tisdag 2 januari 2018

Bullet Heaven reviews RXN

Oh well. Maybe it gets a few patches to get in shape?

Super SD System 3

While not shmup related per se, spanish company Terraonion took the retrogaming world by storm when it launched the Neo SD MVS and AES, a flash cart for Neo Geo MVS and AES respectively, has now returned with another insane product: Super SD System 3.

Yes, by plugging a humble (about $50) PC Engine into this device you can play not only all HuCard game releases from all regions (the Turbo EverDrive from Krikzz already does this) but also lets you play any and all CD-ROM releases (and includes built-in System Cards for CD-ROM2, Super CD-ROM2 and Arcade CD-ROM games) and throws in an RGB-connector too.
At €240 this is an absolute steal compared to just getting these components separately and having the machine RGB-modded.