tisdag 19 juli 2016

Söldner-X 2 gets delayed.

The physical copy version from Limited Run Games of Söldner-X 2 was supposed to go on sale yesterday but has been delayed until July 29th. Available with or without a physical CD soundtrack this limited PS Vita release is looking to be a must-have for collectors. The game itself is of course already available for both the PS Vita and PS3.

onsdag 6 juli 2016

The price is... insane?

We all know prices for classic shooters have gone up. But how much? Find out!

Stuck in a time loop

Swabby is a brand new (homebrew) shmup released for the seminal SEGA Game Gear, a handheld noone remembers anymore. Thanksfully there are numerous emulators for the system that work well so thats not a problem.

Go to SMS POWER! to download and play.