tisdag 20 augusti 2019

Darius Cozmic Collection going digital in September

The awesome Darius Cozmic Collection, so far only available in physical form in Japan for Nintendo Switch, is coming to the Nintendo eShop in both Standard and "Consumer" editions, for 5200 and 6500 Yen respectively.

Still no info on the collection going west in physical or digital form though so make sure to create a japanese eShop account and get it. The Switch is region-free.

torsdag 15 augusti 2019

Buzz Kill Zero cheat sheet

If you're getting into Buzz Kill Zero, here's a cheat sheet to help you play the game:

Vasara Collection review round-up

With Vasara Collection debuting for download on (I guess) every platform today what could be more appropriate than a round-up of reviews?

Here's GooGame's review. The Xbox Hub quite likes it. Playstation Enthusiast seem enthusiastic. Gamespew seem impressed with the Xbox One version. Playstation Country is a little put off by how hard the game is. Remote Play reviews the PS Vita version and it's apparently a sweet package there too.

onsdag 14 augusti 2019

A new Psikyo Collection variety appears! (Still on Switch)

With the Psikyo Collection of shooting games are already available from Taiwan (or "Asia") and Japan in physical form (available from Play-Asia as usual) NIS has surprised everyone and announced an american release: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo (both coming 2020).

Like the Japanese release it's spread over 2 physical releases (the "asian" version is spread over 3 releases) but this is the first time soundtrack CDs are a part of the package which makes me think I will probably re-buy them.

måndag 12 augusti 2019

Bullet Heaven reviews Psyvariar Delta

It's a great game and it's available for PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam. Go fetch!