måndag 17 juni 2019

Rolling Gunner english homepage opens up in time for Switch western release

With the western release imminent (June 20th!) for Nintendo Switch, Rolling Gunner now has a translated homepage for westerners.

Pawarumi coming to Switch and Xbox One

Cast back your minds... On January 30th 2018, Pawarumi was released on Steam.

Now, on July 24th, it's getting a release on Nintendo Switch with a physical release also promised but without any date set.

The homepage for Pawarumi also teases an Xbox One version...

lördag 15 juni 2019

FullBlast 2 is in the works

FullBlast, for those who don't know, is a vertically scrolling shmup available for PlayStation 4 and Vita, Xbox One and Switch that was released in early autumn 2018.

The developer just posted an early look at the sequel (it's literally just this picture):
So no word yet on platform but guesstimating I'd say the only likely dropout is PS Vita which has been on-again, off-again retired by Sony.

2019 SEUCK competition open

The 2019 Shoot'Em'Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) competition is open, all games are available to play and you get to vote for your favorite to pick a lucky winner.

If you have a Commodore 64 or VICE at hand, start playing!

Votes need to be in by June 30th.

SuperGrafx gets an incomplete R-Type port

You thought the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 was obscure?

Think again, the two dozen or so people who has the successor to PC Engine, the mighty SuperGrafx, can now enjoy the first four(-ish) levels of R-Type on the system. RetroRGB has the story.

It's distributed as an IPS-patch available here.

Rolling Gunner goes west (and physical!)

It's been some time coming (it was promised back in January when the game was released for Switch in Japan) but June 20th is the release date for the western release of Rolling Gunner.

Make sure you have a credit card or Nintendo Points ready because this is one game you're gonna want to play! Sometimes patience pays off! (But yes, the japanese release already has a patch with full english translation)

EDIT: A physical version is planned for later in the year.

Ikaruga gets physical again

Ikaruga is a really great shooter with puzzle elements or possibly a still great puzzle game with shooting elements. Whichever way you see it there's no denying that it is already readily available to play:
First developed for the arcade, it was first ported to Dreamcast and subsequently to GameCube, Xbox 360 (it's compatible with Xbox One), Windows, Switch and PlayStation 4. The physical releases in that long list of targeted platforms are only Dreamcast and GameCube (sure, the arcade release was physical but if you're into arcade PCBs you already knew that) however.

But now Nicalis is doing us all a favor and releasing it physically for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch:

No details yet on release date.