söndag 3 maj 2020

Thanks and goodbye

It's been four years since I started this news outlet. It's been a lot of fun and I've gotten to know a lot of nice and friendly people.

The state of the shmup/STG world is strong. Certainly stronger than those four years ago. We are seeing a revival of the genre, particularly on the Nintendo Switch but PlayStation 4 is also a strong contender. Xbox One tries I guess and if the full heritage of the Xbox 360 at some point becomes playable on an Xbox again that will be an absolute treasure trove of shooters becoming available.

Anyway. I don't have the time/energy to keep up with all the news anymore, try as I might. I suggest you follow @shmups on twitter to get your updates on the genre.

I will  try to keep the Nintendo Switch Shmups/STG wiki up to date - but would of course welcome contributors - after all, it's what wikis are about.

Thanks to everyone who came here for news on the genre.

I will keep tabs on my twitter profile @STGPilot and you can always reach me at dlundh[at]gmail.com should you so desire.

Stay healthy, practice social distancing. wash your hands often and wear a mask in public to protect the elderly and vulnerable if you can. It seems COVID-19 is here for the long haul.

Thank you,

lördag 25 april 2020

Shmups on Switch asks nicely for more shmups to come to Switch

We are closing in on May 3rd and I guess now is as good a time as any; I will be turning off the lights here by then. I've had a 4 year run and have had close to 50.000 visitors (there's still time to reach that magic number but I'm not holding my breath) and, thanks to Twitter, have made the acquintance of a lot of very nice people.

The twitter account will remain active and I will continue to add to the Nintendo Switch shmups/stg wiki to try to keep it up to date (and everyone is very welcome to join that effort).

torsdag 23 april 2020

Bullet Heaven reviews Gigantic Army (Switch)

Mars: Chaos Menace Trailer (PS4/Switch)

Chaos and destruction are threatening the planet…

Mars: Chaos Menace is a frenetic bullet hell shoot'em up. Discover unique environments and defeat deadly opponents that will make you suffer and surpass yourself. Face devastating boss battles and aim for the high score!

Story: We are in the Terraforming age after saving our homeworld, Earth, which was collapsed by radioactive contamination and the depletion of resources. Now, humans are successfully colonizing nearby planets, using technology to adapt these inhospitable and hostile places. For the first time in our existence we feel in harmony with everything. But our activity and progress has attracted huge and warp monsters that only wish to devastate and sterilize planets by destroying the whole way of life.

We had forgotten, chaos is the natural state of the universe...

• Frenetic "Bullet Hell" action
• A careful aesthetics and design that will make you fall in love.
• Great variety of unique environments that you will discover in your missions.
• Spectacular opponents that will make you suffer and surpass yourself.
• Crowd of different enemies with exclusive behavior.
• Action and challenge assured for lovers of the genre.