söndag 30 april 2017

Evolving from Disco, Ketsui style!

With Dangun Feveron now released on japanese PSN for PS4 M2 just announced that Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi, CAVEs famed bullet hell shooter will be released in the same series. Though no platform was announced it seems logical to assume that this will be a japanese PSN download only game for PS4 just like Battle Garegga REV.2016 and Dangun Feveron.

To me this is one of CAVEs most brutal games. Punishingly difficult but lovely art design and a great soundtrack.

måndag 24 april 2017

Lets get physical (or not)

If you're itching for a physical copy of Dariusburst Chronical Saviours for PlayStation 4 you can already buy the japanese release from places like Play-Asia.

Or you can pay twice as much for a western release of the same game from Limited Run Games when it goes on sale this friday.

I already own this game from the PSN store on PS4 and PS Vita, have a physical copy for Vita and the Steam release for PC so I'm not exactly gagging at the prospect of paying for it again.

But to each their own!

Disco Inferno!

CAVEs disco-themed shmup Dangun Feveron was announced for PS4 last year but quickly faded from public view when nothing happened after the announcement.

But, suddenly and inexplicably, it launches on the Japanese PSN store this friday!

fredag 14 april 2017